CC Group offers sign language interpreting services your way.

From the most experienced on-site 'traditional' services to instantly accessible state-of-the-art communications innovations through video remote interpreting, CC Group has you covered.
Our expertise ranges from business to personal, academic to professional, medical to legal and beyond.

ClickVRI VIDEO Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting is communications
access for the digital age. Let CC Group's own
ClickVRI remote video software technology
connect you with a live interpreting agent on the
weekends, evenings or holidays
at no extra charge.

On-Site Interpreting 

Our team of qualified, certified sign language
interpreters are available from coast to coast
for your event, occasion, or daily communication
solutions. You can always rely on the friendly
professionals at CC Group to meet you
right where you are.

Did you know...

Sign Languages are visual methods of communication each comprised of distinct grammatical and lexical structures,
thus Sign Languages are not mere transliterations of spoken language, but rather
full, natural languages in their own right.


Our own SignStream technology combines the precision of real-time captioning
with the expertise of a live, traditional interpreter for communication ease
in the classroom and beyond.