Our educational opportunities are CC Group's mission & legacy in action.

CC Group proudly contributes to a more well-informed, inclusive, and communicative society.
From professional trainings to personal development workshops; from online language courses to self-paced private
instruction. From traditional topics around cultures and history to forward-thinking conversations
around technology and innovations. CC Group has been proud to partner with prestigious institutions such as law enforcement agencies and first responders across the United States in great strides toward cross-cultural communication. Tailored to suit the variety of skill-sets among
interpreters, corporations, organizations, and individuals alike. 

examples of cc group signature trainings:


Sign Language Instruction

Law Enforcement: Interactions with the Deaf Community
Deaf Interaction Training for Police

How To Use an Interpreter

Deaf Awareness & Deaf Culture

ADA Compliance

First Responder and Public Program Access

Deaf Technology Usage (videophones, pagers, TTY, etc.)

Cross-Cultural Communication


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