Combine the versatility of digital communication with the accuracy of a live, remote video interpreter to experience

CC Group's ClickVRI: Video Remote Interpreting

How does it work?

ClickVRI, supported by modern video software technology, connects a qualified, certified sign language interpreter with a deaf client via a live feed. Spoken language is translated from audial to visual cues, while sign language is vocalized into spoken word. Our video technology is versatile to join forces with a multitude of secure platforms including Skype, Google, existing video phones (VP's), and more. Please contact one of our representatives today to learn more ways to get connected via ClickVRI.


1. Any Mac, PC, or iOS device
2. Any webcam
3. High Speed Internet Access
4. Secure video conferencing platform such as...
Skype for Business
Google Hangouts
Existing Video Phones (VP's)
or the LifeSize ClearSea software download


simple, accessible, guarenteed.

We 100% guarantee our Assured Members access to premier sign language interpreting services- around the clock.
If you request an on-site CC Group interpreter but there is a shortage of community interpreters local to you, CC Group will promptly connect you via a live ClickVRI remote interpreter at
no extra charge.  An affordable one-time software download grants
lifetime access to our extensive network of certified professionals. 

Seeking last minute, after hours, or urgent sign language services?

No problem, no hidden fees, it's all on the table.


ClickVRI is always ready to work with me for a last-minute call or to set up a meeting in advance ... I like the flexibility of which equipment I use to call ClickVRI ... I am grateful for the interpreters’ excellent attitude and patience with me ... I would recommend their service to anyone.
— Phil Weis, ClickVRI client