Katrina Rivers Labouliere

President, CI, CT, NAD V

From Capital to Capital, Katrina is a nationally-renowned and a nationally-certified sign language professional with distinguished capacity for leadership and interpersonal development.


Born and raised in Louisiana as a child of deaf adults (CODA), she has mastered fluent eloquence in American Sign Language (ASL) hinged upon a keen appreciation for Deaf history and culture.


Katrina has dedicated more than 18 years of her career to disability advocacy through training individuals in independent living skills, accessibility, and advocacy. Her notable wealth of experience as a consultant has been valued across local, state, and federal entities. Coast to coast, Katrina is recognized as a new-age pioneer for the rights of the Deaf. In 2013, her passion to provide communication access to every person emerged as Communications Consulting Group LLC. Today Katrina serves as the dedicated President of CC Group.