Access communication made simple in more than 150 languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mandarin, and more!

At CC Group, we appreciate the modern world's diverse culture enriched by countless beautiful languages.
"Communication" kəˌmyo͞onəˈkāSH(ə)n/ (noun): has evolved to mean a variety of things to a
variety of people across the globe. Luckily, CC Group has a reliable network of renowned professionals
to meet the entire spectrum of communication needs. 

Simultaneous Interpreting

This mode of spoken language interpreting demands the translator work quickly and efficiently to understand, "de-code", and interpret dialogue almost instantly as it is spoken for context and meaning. The target language is derived and
conveyed almost simultaneously. 

Consecutive Interpreting

Alternatively, this mode of spoken language interpreting
allows for keen attention to detail. The translator, in this case, aims to support clear comprehension of context
meaning-for-meaning rather than
source-language bound. 




document translation

Our document translation services provide clarity
around any important documents or paperwork.
Make sure the fine print is clear every time
with CC Group's renowned language staff. 



Our team of qualified and certified language professionals work around the clock to provide remote
access to communication supported through every
platform: including phone. Contact CC Group
today to discover how we can work for you.